You can download fully functional YMPEG VFW codec rom following mirrors.

Latest Version [See Revision History]

No Limitations - YMPEG evaluation version never expires. It only puts a small YMPEG logo on encoded outfile file. YMPEG Pro or YMPEG Lite does not put this logo on encoded outfile file.

Included in Evaluation Version

  • YMPEG VFW encoder
  • YMPEG SDK with sample source code allows you to support MPEG/DVD encoding from your own application. Absolutely FREE.

YMPEG SDK is completely free without any restrictions. There is no onetime fee or any other royalties (unlike other companies which charges fortune for MPEG SDK even for basic functionality). It allows you to use YMPEG from your own freeware or commercial applications. Complete source code to encode AVI file is included. You will require MSVC to compile the source code.

Your use of YMPEG software indicates that you accept this license agreement.

If you like to mirror YMPEG on you site, here is PAD File.

Contact us if you face any problem downloading YMPEG.

Revision History


  • Changed bitrate unit from bps to kbps


  • Minior Enhancement
  • Fixed rare incomatibility problem with NT


  • Fix quantization problem in case of very high bitrate


  • Various enhancement in output quality
  • Much improved compatibility with many video editing and animation programs. YMPEG now works with virtually every video editing and animation programs.
  • Fixed few minor issues


  • a rare probability defect in new algorithms introduced in v2.8
  • Fixed problem in smart denoiser for radius > 2


  • Better motion estimation - smaller encoded video stream for same quality
  • Minor bugs in audio compressions fixed


  • Fixed few minor bugs
  • Enhancement in audio encoding
  • Fixed tab order in configuration GUI


  • Improved Rate control algorithm [Better visual quality].
  • Now YMPEG also support 'C' SDK [Previously only C++]. Soon we will have support for VB and other languages.
  • Fixed various minor bugs


  • MUST Update. Fixes minor problems and better optimized.


  • Optimized Spatial filtering to make it bit faster.
  • Better real-time video compression support by offline audio compression.
  • Included prototype utility extractmux.exe with this release which does offline audio compression and multiplexing. We will soon add tutorials.


  • Added two noise reduction filters, smart (spatial) and DCT based filter. These filter greatly enhances the video quality (General tab).
  • Added a new option to control multiplexing (General tab).
  • Fix minor bugs.


  • Added support for configuration auto saving [Registered version only]
  • Added feature for auto incrementing file name in order to create unique file name.
  • Both these feature together allows using YMPEG in batch job


  • Fixed minor problem in GUI.


  • Fixed minor problem in quantization.
  • As requested by some users, minimized 'Buy Now' reminder.
  • Removed registration restriction on SDK in evaluation version.


  • Completely new and powerful user interface. Many advanced options are added which will let you control all aspects of encoding.
  • Fixed problem with interlace video.
  • Powerful SDK to include YMPEG in your own freeware or commercial applications, completely free.

Buy Now
Windows 2000/XP (Reported to be working in 98/NT)

SSE Support in processor (PIII and later, Athlon XP and later) *MUST*

Administrative privileges during installation


If you like YMPEG, please consider purchasing it.

We are not a big corporation so we can assure you that the small fee you pay for the registration will go directly to the future software development.

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