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Installation & Setup

Installation & Setup

My system has processor (PIII and above, Athlon XP and above) with SSE support. YMPEG still complaints that there is no SSE Support on my system.
Even if you have processor with SSE support, SSE may be disabled by your OS or motherboard BIOS. Unfortunately, this is typically true with many AMD processor motherboards (e.g. Athlon XP). You may require to enable SSE in motherboard BIOS or you may even require to update BIOS.

I have installed YMPEG successfully on my PC. However, I can not see YMPEG on Start menu or anywhere else.
YMPEG is a VFW codec and not a standalone program. After installation, YMPEG becomes part of Windows Operating System so that you can encode from your favorite application. See Tutorial to learn how to use YMPEG from your favorite video editing applications.

Does YMPEG Supports both AMD and Intel processors?
Yes, YMPEG supports both AMD and Intel processors.

Any Plan to add SSE2 support ?
Yes, in fact we already have SSE2 enabled code in YMPEG.

Any plan to support older CPU without SSE support ?
Not in immediate future.

YMPEG does not install on my system ?
Depending on you system, you may need to have administrative privileges in order to install YMPEG.

I received my activation ID and Serial. How do I enter ID and Serial ?
You must have received your ID and Serial in following format (length of serial may vary):

ID: James Shiam <>

You can launch YMPEG from any of your favorite application. YMPEG will ask you for ID and Serial when launched first time. You should enter your ID and Serial as shown in picture below. Following example shows how to enter above ID and Serial number:


What are the video format YMPEG support ?
YMPEG is MPEG-2 encoder. It supports MPEG-1, VCD, SVCD, DVD, KDVD, , CVCD, KVCD, KDVD encoding. YMPEG can be used as

  • MPEG-2 codec
  • MPEG-1 codec
  • DVD codec
  • VCD codec
  • VFW codec
  • etc.

Audio is not in sync with Video.
Audio will be out of sync if frame rate is not properly configured in YMPEG configuration dialog. Please make sure that you configure same frame rate as source AVI frame rate.

YMPEG does not appear in my editing software's (e.g. VirtualDub. etc) video or audio codec list.
Before reporting problem, verify whether it is a YMPEG installation problem or application problem. You can try following:

  • Try other applications to make sure that it is not a problem with a one particular application.
  • You can also check the list of codec in windows control panel. Go to Control Panel. Click on "Sounds and Audio Devices" (For Windows 2000, Click on "Sounds and Multimedia"). Select "Hardware" Tab. Select Audio Codecs or Video codecs from the list box. Click on Properties. A new window will be launched. Go to "Properties" tab and check whether YMPEG appears under both "Video Codecs" as well as "Audio Codecs".
  • Use other system utilities like SysEnum, or Sandra to enumerate video and audio codecs on your system.
  • Make sure to select format as RGB24, YUY2, UYVY
  • Also report problem to developer of your application.

YMPEG appears in VirtualDub codec list but does not appears when I switch to capture mode.
Make sure to select input format as YUY2, UYVY or RGB24 (Go to menu Video->Format).

YMPEG sometime creates two files, one for video (.mpv) and one for audio (.mpa), instead of one combined file with both Video+Audio.

YMPEG works in two stages.

It encodes input Video and Audio frames, and stores encoded output in two separate intermediate files, one for encoded video (.mpv) and one for encoded audio (.mpa). These two files are then multiplexed to create final output file which contains both video+audio. The intermediate files are then deleted (unless you uncheck 'Delete Tempfiles' option).

If for some reason, YMPEG is not able to multiplex, it will not delete intermediate file and in that case, you will get two files instead of one.

In another case, YMPEG will not multiplex if you choose DVD option. You can use your DVD authoring program to multiplex .mpv and .mpa files.

The order of encoding (audio and video) is entirely dependent on how application feeds data to YMPEG and other indications. It could be simultaneous audio+video or audio first or video first.

YMPEG does not create audio file (.mpa). However, video is fine.
This will happen if you have not selected YMPEG as audio codec. Note that you must select YMPEG as both Video and Audio codec.

In case, your software does not allow you to specify audio codec, you can use extractmux.exe utility provided with YMPEG. Extractmux.exe will extract the audio from avi file,encode it and multiplex it using YMPEG. Extractmux.exe is located in <WINDOWS\SYSTEM32> directory.

Usage: Extractmux AVIFile Outputfile.

YMPEG complaints about incorrect input video resolution.
If you are using YMPEG to create VCD or SVCD, it requires fixed input video resolution to comply with standard. Following table specifies the source video resolution required for VCD and SVCD

Video Type Resolution
VCD - PAL 352 x 288
VCD - NTSC 352 x 240
SVCD - PAL 480 x 576
SVCD - NTSC 480 x 480

However, you can override the standard compliance by unchecking the checkbox 'Verify Settings' from YMPEG configuration dialog. In this case, YMPEG will not check and complaint about input video resolution.

Some users requested to add resize option in YMPEG itself. However, we think, it is not required at this moment as YMPEG is design to be used within video editors and this job should ideally be done by editor and not encoder.

YMPEG complaints "Mismatch in installed components. Probably YMPEG Installation is corrupted..."
This happens when any application were using YMPEG files at the time of new installations. Following steps should resolve the problem:

Restart your computer
Delete all ympg* files from Windows system directory Alternatively, you can also download and run YMPEG Cleaner which detects and delete all YMPEG files in system path. After successful operation, reinstall YMPEG.


I have older alpha version. Do I need to purchase new YMPEG version for MPEG-2 encoding.
Yes, MPEG-2 require license from MPEGLA. Also, apart from MPEG-2 license, latest YMPEG has many fixes and much improvement in video quality. You can download and check the difference yourself. We are sure, you will be convinced and happy to buy YMPEG after that.

Do you have any student or organization discount ?
We recognizes the valuable contribution of non-profit and education institutions. We provide major discounts for all students, non-profit and education institutes. Check purchase page for more details.

Ok, I am convinced, but it is expensive for me.
Even though YMPEG complex software, it is priced lower than even a small utility program. Just think of royalty and other operational expense, we are offering it on lowest possible price. If you still think that it is expensive for you and you need it, just write to us and we will try to help you getting YMPEG. As you can understand, this is just a community service and we can only help few and may not be able to help everyone.


What is YMPEG SDK?
YMPEG SDK is set of C API which allows to add high quality and fast MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD encoding capabilities in your own software using YMPEG SDK without even understanding the complexity of encoding algorithms.

From where can I download SDK ?
YMPEG SDK is included with YMPEG. Download YMPEG and select option to install SDK during YMPEG installation.

How much YMPEG SDK Costs ?
YMPEG SDK is completely free. It is as simple as download and start including in your own application. See YMPEG SDK page for more detail.

What if I need more features in YMPEG SDK ?
YMPEG SDK is carefully designed to meet need of most users. Let us know if you are looking for any specific features. If found suitable, we can implement it in YMPEG SDK. Another option is to get YMPEG source code license to customize as you like.

More FAQ very soon...

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