Doesn't take a genius to figure out what makes YMPEG the most popular MPEG, MPEG2 and DVD encoder.

Few reasons:

  • Versatile - Creates MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVD, VCD, SVCD, KDVD, KVCD, CVCD
  • Convenience - Direct encoding from your favorite applications without any intermediate file or frame servers. This is most convenient way to create MPEG files.
  • Compatibility - YMPEG is only MPEG codec which integrates with Windows Operating System. Thus provides highest Applications Compatibility
  • CPU Technology - YMPEG is only MPEG Codec which is designed and tuned exclusively for Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE, SSE2) - latest technology in high end CPU's
  • Research - YMPEG uses latest and unique motion estimation and rate control algorithm to produce excellent quality.
  • Speed - Fast encoding - thanks to SSE
  • User Interface - Powerful and Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) give you access to every imaginable settings of MPEG encoding.
  • SDK - Completely free Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide instant MPEG-1/2/DVD encoding capabilities to your own freeware or commercial software applications.
  • Source Code - Complete source code availablilty ( separate purchase )
  • other applications - Very handy in converting to MPEG from other formats
  • Awards - Prestigious Awards to YMPEG reiterate what we mentioned above. See more awards below and here.
  • Free to TRY - Still not convinced!!! Best way to validate our claims is to download and try yourself. We will be happy to provide any assistance you need.
  • Support - Prompt, this is what our customers like most about us.
  • Cost effective - costs even less than your dinner in good restaurant!

See specifications and more details here.


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