YMPEG Software Development Kit

MPEG Encoding is an complex task and it requires expertise on various standards, coding techniques, optimization and test procedures in order to produce even a fairly good quality encoder, not to forget the tremendous amount of man-hours.

YMPEG makes it very easy to add high quality and fast MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD encoding capabilities in your own software using YMPEG SDK without even understanding the complexity of encoding algorithms. You can develop entire new MPEG capable applications including your own graphical front using YMPEG SDK. Using YMPEG SDK in your own multimedia application can be as simple as adding two lines of code.

YMPEG SDK provides you access to nearly all MPEG setting mentioned in the standard (ISO/IEC 13818, 11172). Apart from fine settings, it also offers pre-configured templates for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD, DVD, etc.

YMPEG SDK also includes sample of a complete application to convert AVI to mpeg.

And the best part is - YMPEG SDK is completely free. YMPEG SDK is included with all YMPEG distributions. While many other companies charges fortune for MPEG SDK and tons of documents to sign for even an evaluation access, with YMPEG - it is as simple as download and start including in your own application.

Following is a very simplified block diagram of how multimedia application can use YMPEG engine. Application can pass encoded video/audio to YMPEG engine. YMPEG engine will encode and returns the encoded bitstream to application. Application can either immediately use the encoded bitstream or store the encoded bitstream for later use (say, timeshifting).

YMPEG Architecture

YMPEG architecture is very modular, scalable and highly customizable. YMPEG is implemented in C++/C and Assembly.

YMPEG has following components:

  • YMPEG Engine, provides core video/audio encoding and multiplexing functionalities which can be used by any application.
  • YMPEG Applications, like Video and Audio codec, standalone encoders, multiplexers, configuration GUI etc. which interfaces with YMPEG engine to perform various functions.

Applications must be written in C or C++ in order to use YMPEG engine (See description below).

YMPEG Engine

YMPEG engine exports two interface for configuration and encoding operation.

  • IYMPG, this interface provides various encoding functionalities.
  • ISettings, this interface provides configuration functionalities.

Interfaces are C++ class. YMPEG also provides equivalent C functions. If you are not using C or C++, you will require a very small wrapper.


There is no specific compilers requirement. Any compilers like, Microsoft Visual C++ or Visual C++ Toolkit (Free Optimization Compiler Version from Microsoft) will work.

YMPEG Applications

Following are examples of some of YMPEG applications which uses YMPEG engine to provide various encoding functionalities.

  • Stand-alone encoders
  • Video Codec
  • Audio Codec
  • Multiplexer
  • DVD Backup applications
  • Video format converters

YMPEG engine makes it very easy to develop new encoding application without worried about underlying details or algorithms.

Restriction of Usage

We provide YMPEG SDK completely free without any restrictions. There is no onetime free or other royalties to us. However, as appropriate, you may need to sign agreement with MPEGLA or other patent holders, specially if you are using YMPEG SDK for MPEG-2 encoding.

There is no restriction on distributing your application build with YMPEG SDK. However, users of your application need to have YMPEG installed, either evaluation or any of the paid version.

Optionally, You can obtain source code license if you need to customize or statically link YMPEG with your application (so that user of your application do not need YMPEG).

Customization, source code and other OEM queries

Contact us - sales@ympeg.com

Linux and Other OS Support

YMPEG engine is almost portable except for some assembly code which is assembled using Microsoft Assembler. We are planning to support more OS very soon.


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