Please check FAQ and list of known problems before reporting any problem. Your questions or problems may have already been addressed with a solution!.

You will get instant 30% discount coupon if the you report new problem (one per e-mail address).

If you can not find solution, feel free to send us an e-mail. Please include at least following information while reporting problem. This will enable us to quickly and precisely diagnose the problem:

  • YMPEG Version (For example, v2.9b. See configuration Dialog box title for version information). Make sure you are using latest YMPEG version. If you are not sure, download latest version and try to reproduce the problem.
  • YMPEG Configuration file. YMPEG allows you to save configuration to a file. This file will help us reproducing exact configuration you have used.
  • Operating System (NT, 2000, XP, etc).
  • Application and Version (For example, VirtualDub v1.6.3). Note that it is not possible for us to provide support for all applications. You should also contact application developers for support.
  • AVI File Information (For example, video size, frame rate, audio). Almost all application provides some window to provide AVI file information. For example, VirtualDub provides AVI file information by clicking on menu File->File Information. (Click image to enlarge)

  • If possible, any crash dump report generated by application and exception address (for example, VirtualDub provides nice crash dump report).
  • Exact procedure you followed.
  • And whatever additional information you can provide.
  • Send your problem report to Please note that we may copy some replies to YMPEG yahoo group so that it is useful for other YMPEG users as well.


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